Welcome to Cheverly

Join us at our 1st Ever Cheverly Neighborhood Meet ‘n Greet
January 26, 2019 from 1 to 4pm.

We have more than 25 Cheverly groups, clubs, organizations and churches ready to share their information with you!

A great aspect of Cheverly is the embodiment of the phrase, “we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” The neighborhood meet and greet is an invitation to new neighbors and long-time residents alike. If you’re new to the neighborhood in the past year, you’re our VIP invited guests. Conversely, if you’ve lived in the neighborhood longer, we ask that you bring a light snacky-type dish to show just how hospitable Cheverly can be! The Dugout will be open to the public following the event. This event is free to attendees.
If you represent an organization, group, club or church, here’s your chance to spread the word, get new members, or just to let your neighbors know what you offer them. For more information about hosting a table for your group, email me at Susan at SusanPruden dot com.

Black Squirrel logo

Click to find out more about Cheverly’s black squirrels and how they got here.

You can find property searches all over the place, but how do you find out about what makes a town like Cheverly the wonderful community that it is? And once you move in, how do you find out the important stuff, like what restaurants deliver in town and who do you call to have your kitchen remodeled?

You visit AtHomeInCheverly.com, that’s how!

Cheverly is…

What has the media said about Cheverly?

And finally, what’s around town? If you have suggestions for the map, please email them to me. I’m focusing on places that would be helpful to newcomers to town, but also looking for restaurants that not huge chains (like Fridays, etc.). View Larger Map