About Cheverly

Cheverly has been described as an oasis, a small town, a refuge, and — for over 6,000 residents — home. The town is proud to be designated a “Tree City, USA” and a Maryland PLANT Community. Just drive through the neighborhood to see why.

The sense of community here is amazing. There are the large get-togethers, such as Cheverly Day (with fireworks to rival the District of Columbia on the 4th of July) and the parade that visits Cheverly Avenue every 4 years. Visit the photo gallery for some shots of Cheverly residents having fun.

Then there are the clubs and organizations — the Cheverly Garden Club, two scout troops, The Cheverly Parent Resource Center and the Golden Circle, to name just a few. Visit the Clubs and Organizations page to see a more complete list.

The town government is comprised of a mayor and town council, which meets every 2nd Thursday at 8 PM for the town meeting, where residents are encouraged to attend, voice their concern and opinions, or just take the opportunity to meet and greet their neighbors. The meetings are also broadcast on Cheverly’s cable channel (71B).

For Census Data, see the Census Bureau’s Cheverly Fact Sheet.