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Protect your Credit Cards

This was sent out recently by the Cheverly Police Department and it’s great advice! In light of recent major point of sale credit card compromises, the Cheverly Police Department recommends you reassess your knowledge of credit card protections and best … Continue reading

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Metro Senior Discount Cards

From Delegate Doyle Niemann: Metro offers significant discounts to people over 65. This includes half price fares on then Metro and bus rides as low as 80 cents. But to get these, you need a yellow Metro "Senior SmarTrip" Card. … Continue reading

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Save Money Sunday: Homeowner’s Insurance

We tend to focus so much on interest rate to keep the mortgage payment as low as possible, but there are other things that impact your monthly payment. We already looked at the Homeowner’s Tax Credit, so here’s a look … Continue reading

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Will Driving to a Cheaper Gas Station Save Me Money

Very cool calculator from Bankrate.com – The Gas Price Calculator. You input the size of your gas tank, your city-miles-per-gallon, plus the cost-per-gallon and distance of the closest gas station and the same information for the cheap one that’s further … Continue reading

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Is Your Contractor Licensed?

Susan’s Note: I’m kicking this 2006 post to the top because of a home improvements door-hanger that was delivered today. It says “Licensed and Insured – Nelson Ortega”, but I sure can’t find him in the database. I’m not saying … Continue reading

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