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Ask The (Property) Tax Man

Do you have questions about your Tax Assessment? Now is your chance to get the answers. Joe Hensley (Assessment Supervisor for Prince George’s County) will be at Town Hall to answer all your questions, How is my assessment calculated? Why did I … Continue reading

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Fighting Your Tax Bill

Is it worth fighting your assessment? Sometimes it is. Sometimes you run the risk of the Tax Man realizing that he didn’t know about the addition you built, or the half bath you added and your assessment might go off … Continue reading

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Property Taxes – Get What’s Coming To You

A client of mine (he just sold his house last month) was wondering how long it would take for the Prince George’s County government to refund his property taxes. Well, of course, the short answer is “Don’t hold your breath!) … Continue reading

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More on Maryland's Tax Assessments

A few days ago, I wrote about property taxes and assessments in Maryland and what they mean when the house being assessed has been the principal residence for several years. The Homestead Tax Credit insulates those owners from the huge … Continue reading

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Understanding Your Property Tax Assessment

If you’re a homeowner, you probably received your new tax assessment sometime last month and, if you’re like me, you freaked out a little at the new assessed value of your home. Mine increased 150% from the assessment 3 years … Continue reading

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