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“Please take our offer…”

It’s interesting that the housing climate has changed so quickly. Some buyers, who think they’re still in the driver’s seat, find the market is now going up and they’re losing the home that they really want. Multiple offers are increasingly … Continue reading

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Buyers Need a Reality Check Too

While Prince George’s County sellers are having trouble adjusting to the change in the market, buyers also need to realize that  the market is more stable than they think. Where sellers are often unrealistic in setting their asking price, buyers … Continue reading

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What’s A Seller To Do?

Yesterday we discussed the changes in the real estate market here in Prince George’s County. The news isn’t dismal — we are still seeing decent appreciation over last year’s market. What we are not seeing is appreciation over last month’s … Continue reading

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Offers – Verbal or Written?

A real estate agent called me yesterday about one of my listings. He said that his buyer-client was interested in the property, but wanted to make an offer that was about $25,000 lower than the asking price. Any offer is … Continue reading

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