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Winter Weather and Your Home Insurance Policy

John McGuirk, a local insurance agent, sent the following and it sure is timely! If you have insurance questions or needs, give John a call! His contact information is at the bottom of this post. This time of year is … Continue reading

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Dude, Know Your Stuff!

The idea of the house burning down or a break-in where you lose your valuables lurks in all our minds, whether we’re homeowners or renters. It got me to pondering the importance of knowing what you own. So I went … Continue reading

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Improving (and Protecting) Your Castle

My husband and I have been talking about remodeling our house for several years now. That’s all we’ve done – talk. Okay, we’ve cut out lots of magazine photos, too. We’re sort of slow starters sometimes. But I got to … Continue reading

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A Tip for Home Sellers

It occurs to me that using the Checklist For Preventing Water Losses, mentioned in the previous post, would be a good idea for sellers — this is the type of maintenance that impresses buyers and home inspectors! So, if you haven’t done … Continue reading

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Water Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

I guess I’m sort of on an insurance kick right now…I haven’t had any claims, so I’m not really sure why it’s on my mind. Actually, what’s really on my mind is maintenance and how it affects insurance. According to … Continue reading

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