Seller’s Toolkit

Whether you’re thinking of selling some time in the future or you have to sell now, it’s always useful to have a Toolkit at the ready.

Visit often  – as I find new tools, I will add them here.  I always welcome feedback on these tools. If you think one is broken, let me know and I’ll replace it with something new.

Experience counts when selling a home! I have worked with many types of sellers.  Even if your home selling situation is difficult or complicated, I can help you succeed.

The Seller’s Toolkit covers lots of helpful information, such as the following:

1. Find the right representative

The experience and knowledge of a dedicated real estate professional can be priceless. A good REALTOR® forms a powerful team with her clients that makes it possible for them to have a smooth, successful, stress-free sale.

Check out my testimonialssales, and marketing plan for specifics.

2. Determine your needs/wants for the sale and for your new home

Selling your primary residence can be tricky because you have to simultaneously be thinking about where you would like to buy. First weigh your priorities – selling price is certainly important, but having a quick and efficient sale can often be worth accepting a slightly lower offer. Talk to your agent and make sure you’re comfortable with where your priorities are.

At the same time, you should be compiling a needs/wants list for the home you will buy. You will probably have to act fairly quickly when your house sells, so any amount of preparation you can do will serve you well.

Try my free Homesnap app!Snap the homes you like to reveal hidden details and put me on standby to answer your questions by phone or email.

Try my free Homesnap app! Snap the homes you like to reveal hidden details and put me on standby to answer your questions by phone or email.


3. Prepare your house for showing

Under-prepared homes can be sales disasters. Your home will never get as much attention from potential buyers as when it is first listed, so clearing clutter, cleaning, making repairs, and putting your home’s best foot forward is essential. Don’t “open for business” until your home is ready to be seen as favorably as possible.

Useful tools:

  •’s Cost VS. Value report. Look at remodeling projects for our part of the country and see how much you might re-coup in re-sale value.
  • Having trouble de-cluttering? Join the club! This website lays out a 15-minute-a-day decluttering plan, complete with monthly calendars.

4. Find out what your local market looks like

Being realistic about your market is the key to a smooth sale. There is no substitute for a professional real estate representative when it comes to local market knowledge.

5. List away!



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