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About Me

“All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself.”

The Short Version:

The Long Version:

I’m a full-time real estate agent, living in the Town of Cheverly in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The Road to Real Estate

My initial interest in real estate started many years ago, when interest rates were at an all-time high and home buyers were struggling. No one dreamed that rates would drop from those 18% and 21% mortgages of the early 80’s to the lows we have experienced over the last five years. I started out with eight years in the mortgage industry and got valuable experience in just about every phase of the industry. The financial part of the picture is important and I’m grateful for the education those years provided.

In 1991, along with my husband, Joseph, I started a business creating marketing materials for my REALTOR® mom and other real estate professionals in the area. Working with agents to help them market themselves and their properties started my dream of becoming a real estate agent, knowing I already had crucial experience under my belt.

Why Real Estate?

Truth? It was my personal home-buying experience that provided the final impetus for me to get my license. Simply put, I was fascinated by all the moving parts and believed I could do a great job helping families who were moving into or out of our area. Once I got my license in 1994, I knew that my goal was to demystify the buying and selling process for my clients. I wanted to make sure the decision making was where it belonged — in my clients’ hands, not in mine. For that reason, I’m probably as much a teacher as an agent. I got a great start and education at my first brokerage, but truly found my home with CENTURY 21 Home Center in 1999 and then again when Home Center merged with CENTURY 21 New Millennium this past year. The superb support and team atmosphere provided by CENTURY 21 New Millennium has given me new tools to help my clients reach their goals.


I’ve received lots of sales awards and I’m proud of them. However, there are three awards that really matter to me:  The CENTURY 21 Quality Service Pinnacle Award, the highest award of its type within the CENTURY 21 Franchise system, is earned by a very small percentage of agents.  My clients’ reviews have earned for me that coveted recognition since 2012.

The other two awards are voted on by my peers at the Prince George’s Association of REALTORS®. The Distinguished Sales Associate of the Year Award is awarded to only one member per year and is based on a mixture of community involvement, association involvement and real estate education and designations. The third, the Distinguished Service Award, is awarded to no more than 2 agents per year for “exceptional meritorious service.” Given that we have more than 2,500 members, I am honored to have received both awards.

Giving Back to the Community

Caring about homeowners, home buyers and sellers, as well as my fellow real estate agents, has been the driving force behind my involvement with our association’s Legislative Committee. I’m proud to say that I was part of the team that successfully fought off state and county fee increases that would have made the cost of buying and selling more expensive.

Beyond that, I love volunteering time with the Cheverly American Legion, and being a Commissioner on the Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Commission.

So yes, I’m obsessed with real estate. I love what I do. And I’d love to talk to you about the market, your house, your dreams and what we can do together to help you achieve them.

3 Responses to About Susan

  1. Barbara Holton says:

    You used to maintain a list of local businesses, builders, carpenters, etc. I can’t find it now. I was just looking for the general contractor whose first name I think is George and he’s Greek. He has a rather long last name and I don’t remember it.

    I hope you recall the name.

  2. Alan says:

    Hello Susan,

    I am a first time home buyer, under contract on a home in Cheverly. We just had our inspection and the inspector found some foundation issues, specifically, cracks in the exterior brick and on the interior walls in the basement. Could you give any insight on typical issues found in these older homes in the neighborhood, and what issues residents tend to simply live with at the expense of having the charm of an older home?

    • susanpruden says:

      Hi Alan. I know this is going to seem like a huge cop-out, but I can’t give you any advice on this. First, because you are under contract, and I presume you have a real estate agent representing you. I can’t interfere with your contract with your agent, nor with the contract you have on the house you’re buying. For me to give an opinion on a situation I don’t know anything about would be an enormous breach of ethics. Second, I will say that there is no standard at all. It sure would be easier if that were the case. Every case is different. That’s the most honest answer I can give you. –Susan

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