Helpful Data for Appealing Your Tax Assessment – Part 4 of 4

Here is the data to find your comparable sales. Part 1 of this series will give you an idea of how to use this data, but if you are confused or want further advice, call the Department of Assessments. They are very helpful and really want your assessment to be right!

Prince George's County
Department of Assessments and Taxation
Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation
14735 Main Street, Courthouse
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
301-952-2500 (phone)
301-952-2955 (fax)

To find out if you are protected by the Homestead Tax Credit, go to and scroll to the bottom. You do not qualify if the house is not your principle residence. If you want to see if the credit was applied on your current bill, go to

The Excel spreadsheet with all MLS sales in 2017, sorted by sold price:

Detail of each sale – Updated 1/21/18 Updated Cheverly sales detail description

Same info, all updated 1/21/18, sorted by:

Other articles in this series:

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