Winter Weather and Your Home Insurance Policy

John McGuirk, a local insurance agent, sent the following and it sure is timely! If you have insurance questions or needs, give John a call! His contact information is at the bottom of this post.
This time of year is very difficult when it comes to weather related incidents that may or may not be covered by your home insurance policy. Please remember not all policies are created equal. A lot of us become confused and upset when it comes to a significant Water Damage Claim. I would like to offer some suggestions should such a situation strike your home.

1. Stop the Water:
If the water is coming from inside your home, from a burst pipe or water heater malfunction, turn off the water as close to the source of the problem
as possible. If this is not possible, turn off the main water valve in the home. It is a good idea to make sure everyone knows where the main shut off

2. Turn off the Utilities:
In a serious water event, turning off the power or natural gas might be necessary to insure the safety of yourself and your family. In the case of a
relatively minor incident this would not be necessary.

3. Contact a water restoration company.
a. Service Master 301-809-0025 Bowie Store 301-809-1850 Hyattsville Store 301-333-0400 Capitol Heights
b. Servpro 301-459-0444 Bowie Store 301-588-2240 Landover Store 301-574-9000 Upper Marlboro
c. Paul Davis Restoration 301-856-0090 Clinton Store
d. Key Cleaning 800-244-0580

4. Get as much of the water out as possible as quickly as possible.
Fast and safe action on your part can prevent further damage, help you save more of your belongings and minimize the time and
expense of repairs.

5. Secure property to a dry location.

6. Wash your clothes.
Clean your clothing, linens and other washables that have been soaked as soon as possible.

7. Contact your insurance agent or insurance company to file a claim.

8. Take Pictures.

9. Don’t throw anything out, especially expensive items.
A claims adjuster may need to inspect them. Also, make a thorough list of items that was water damaged as soon as possible. This will
help adjust your claim faster. Document as much of the damage as possible.

10. Save ALL RECEIPTS such as rental equipment (wet and dry vac), temporary repairs and payments to professional services.

Hopefully, this information will not be needed. However, if it is, it might be helpful.

John J. McGuirk & Associates, Inc.
For all your insurance needs.

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