Metro Senior Discount Cards

From Delegate Doyle Niemann:

Metro offers significant discounts to people over 65. This includes half price fares on then Metro and bus rides as low as 80 cents. But to get these, you need a yellow Metro "Senior SmarTrip" Card. And these are only issued if you show up in person and present identification.

When I turned 65, I set out to get my senior discount card. That is when I discovered you could not get one in Prince George’s County. You had to go to DC, Virginia or to Montgomery County.

Metro responded with excuses. So, I introduced a bill in the House of Delegates last year to force Metro to sell the cards in the county. That is when the Park & Planning Commission (MNCPPC) came into play. They reached out to see how they could help.

As a result, you can now purchase a Senior SmartTrip Card at five senior citizen centers in Prince George’s County.

Here’s where you can get the cards now:

Gwendolyn Britt Senior Center, 4009 Wallace Rd, North Brentwood301-699-1238

Langley Park Senior Center, 1500 Merrimac Drive, Langley Park – 301-408-4343

Laurel-Beltsville Senior Center, 7120 Contee Rd, Laurel – 301-2065-3350

John E. Howard Senior Center, 4400 Shell St, Capitol Heights301-735-2400

Camp Springs Senior Center, 6420 Allentown Rd, Camp Springs301-449-0490

Call for hours as locations close early. Each center also offers a variety of social activities, fitness and wellness programs, and many other services for seniors. There was a dance class when I got my card at the Gwendolyn Britt Senior Center.

Delegate Doyle Niemann

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