3305 Belleview Ave Auction

3305 Belleview Ave auctionI attended the auction at noon today – I’m always curious, plus I had a number in my head that I thought it would sell for.

There was a small crowd there on the front yard, maybe 20 people. When the bidding opened, no one spoke up. The auction house had set the opening bid at $100,0000, though when the first bidder spoke up, he started the bidding at $80,000.

Once it got started, it moved quickly from $80,000 to $130,000 in $10,000 increments, with several bidders. At $130,000, it stopped. It looked like it might stop there, then it started going again, inching upwards, $1,000 a bid. It moved a little slower at this point, with several bidders dropping out, then a couple of new ones joining in.

It made it into the mid $150s, and was going through the “going going…”, when a new bidder jumped in. It ended up between two bidders, and the new one dropped out at $163,000.

So the highest bid was $163,000 and, with the 4% fee added on top, the final sales price was $169,520.

And the number in my head? It was $160,000, so I’m pleased that I was that close.

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