Meet the Candidates – Cheverly elections coming up soon!

Join your friends and neighbors for a Happy Hour at the Cheverly American Legion tonight starting at 7pm!  It will be a great opportunity to meet the candidates running for Town Council in an informal setting and be able to speak directly with each one. There will be no speeches, just the chance to mingle with neighbors and speak one on one, or in small groups with most of our ward candidates. We will be providing some yummy free food:from platters of Deviled Eggs, to Pigs in the Blanket and even Homemade Chocolate Fudge! As usual, reasonable drinks will be available for purchase from the Legion. It promises to be a fun evening and great way to support the Legion!

The Legion is that big stone building up on the hill off Cheverly Ave near 202. You can’t miss it!

All candidates were invited to join us and the candidates who have confirmed they will be in attendance are:

Ward 1

Laila Riazi

Glen Barton

Karl Russo

Ward 2

Jason Lody

Ward 4

David Thorpe

Ward 6

Seth Zirkle

And Mayor Mike has promised to try to make it if he’s back in time from his trip!

Guests may also join in the Queen of Hearts Game the Legion conducts on Friday nights: Open to everyone in Cheverly at the Dug-Out (downstairs).  This is a simple game: each week one winner is selected to search for the Queen of Hearts on a Board (from a deck of cards).  The game continues each week until a winner finds the Queen of Hearts.  

Happy Hour hosted by

Rachel Dabney Rice &

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