Prince George’s County law to require carbon monoxide detectors in home sales

From Gazette.Net: Prince George’s County News – Prince George’s County law to require carbon monoxide detectors in home sales.

In particular, the law requires there to be at least one carbon monoxide detector on each floor near sleeping areas. The law is expected to go into effect sometime in mid-September.

A new law also requires sellers to provide a 12-month history of utility costs, if the buyer requests it in writing. I have very mixed feelings about this. For instance, the owner of one of my recent listings was elderly and ill. He kept the house way to warm for my comfort. If someone is buying a house and is going to live in it alone, what good is it to know what the utility costs were if there were 3 residents of the house previously and you don’t know how they lived in the house? For all anyone knows, I keep the heat cranked all winter and all the windows open!

I hear so many inaccurate opinions already from buyers and sellers – for instance, a potential buyer informed me at an open house that there was obviously a serious problem with the forced air heat because of the layer of dust on top of picture frames. Only the house had radiators and the dust was there because who thinks to dust the top of picture frames?

Do you think this law makes sense? Opine away in the comments.


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