July Home Sales for Cheverly

There are so many ways to look at what sold in the past month. Here’s the simplest – a list of what sold and what it sold for:

July 2012 Home Sales in Cheverly

July 2012 Home Sales in Cheverly
The data used to create this chart comes from our Multiple Listing Service, called MRIS. It’s deemed reliable but not guaranteed – mostly because it relies on us humans to input the data and we are fallible. There may be other property that has sold outside of MRIS and that’s not reflected here. Also, these sales are from various brokers and agents, and are not meant to give the impression that they are my sales.

Of course, there’s a story behind that list – well, many stories. How many are short sales? Foreclosures? Did the seller pay closing help? What does this list tell us about the market?

Here are some more numbers to chew on:

10 – number of houses actively on the market on the last day of July

3 – number of houses newly listed in July

4 – number of houses that got contracts

8 – number of houses that went to settlement

Well, numbers aren’t much use in a vacuum – I’m working on some charts to show where we are compared to previous months and years. For more numbers, go to Market Update.

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