More Days Like Today, Please!

Dog Tired

Dog Tired

I almost can’t remember back to the days when I was as busy as I was today.

Started off excellently – got an offer back, signed by the buyers and there we are – my Euclid Street listing is under contract. Yippee!

I wrote up an offer on behalf of a buyer and sent it to him for his review, then wrote up a listing and sent it off to the seller for her review. While I was doing that, I got a call from an agent, letting me know that she was going to write an offer on another of my listings and was hoping that I could present it to the seller this evening.

Next I jaunted off to Greenbelt to list a lovely co-op that will go on the market this coming week. Meanwhile the offer from the aforementioned buyer got signed and sent back to me. Next I’ll forward it to the seller for her signature.

Just got an email from a buyer I met last week. She had narrowed her choices down to two houses and wants to take a second look before making an offer. So I’ll get that scheduled, then I’m also working with another buyer who has made an offer and is still negotiating with the seller to see if they will agree on terms.

Of course, this doesn’t mean squat unless it is repeated on more days. And more days. It doesn’t mean the market has turned around. But it does mean that there is a glimmer of hope – as long as it keeps happening.

I’ll take this kind of exhaustion any day!

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