Ask The (Property) Tax Man

Do you have questions about your Tax Assessment?

Now is your chance to get the answers.

Joe Hensley (Assessment Supervisor for Prince George’s County) will be at Town Hall to answer all your questions,

  • How is my assessment calculated?
  • Why did I lose the homestead tax credit on the last assessment?
  • What does it mean if I still have the tax credit – will my tax payment still go up?
  • What if I disagree with my assessment – how do I appeal it?

Bring your questions to the Town Hall and ask them in person.

When: April 12th at 7:00pm

Where: Town Hall (or Community Center, as some of you know it)

Please let your neighbors know – this is your chance to put a face to a faceless bureaucracy and ask questions!

See you there!

By the way, thanks to our mayor, Mike Callahan, and to Jolene Ivey and Nikki Greco for making this happen! Additional thanks to Victor Ramirez and Michael Summers for lending their support as well.

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