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Segwaying in DC

Segwaying in DC

Go on a Segway tour of DC – we did it yesterday and it was a blast! One of the couples there said they find a Segway tour in every city they visit – for them, next stop Rome! City Segway Tours was excellent and I recommend them.

Sometimes you just have to get rid of all the paper. Clutter on my desk clutters my mind. I took this to the next degree and started unsubscribing from all the emails that I glance at and then delete without reading. It feels great!

Who thought we’d be thinking about cutting the grass in mid-March???

Finally got a wireless printer – what freedom! Got an HP Officejet Wireless 6000, which retails for anywhere between $77 to $110. B & H has it for $64.95, no tax and no shipping. I have no idea how long the sale will last.

Agents who put a property on the market, but haven’t gotten around to putting a lockbox on yet. Why bother putting it on the market if I can’t show it? Here I have a buyer who is excited about this property and the agent has already taken the wind out of our sales by making us reschedule to see it. So much for representing your client to the best of your abilities.


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