Getting Even with the Landlord

There are a lot of rules and regulations that landlords try to get around. If you own a rental property built before 1950, one of those rules might be registering your property with the Maryland Department of the Environment and having the property tested for the presence of lead-based paint hazards.

Here are some of the arguments I hear:

  • Parents shouldn’t allow their children to eat paint chips
  • Everything has been repainted, so there can’t be any lead paint
  • I’m not renting to families with children, so there won’t be any problems
  • What are the odds that there will be a problem? After all, I grew up there and I didn’t get lead poisoning!

Aside from the obvious counter-argument – it’s the law! – and the fact that paint chips aren’t the problem, it’s lead dust that’s the problem – there is one other big argument in favor of compliance:

If your tenant should become angry with you, he or she will look for something to get even. It would take very little investigation to learn that turning you in for failing to comply with this law would not only cause you lots of angst, it could also cost you lots of money.

It’s easy. Follow the law. Keep our children safe. Don’t give your tenants an easy target when they want to get even.

For more information on rental requirements for properties built before 1950, click here.

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2 Responses to Getting Even with the Landlord

  1. You are correct-a-mundo! Plus, if the landlord ever decides to sell the house it will already be in compliance and, thus, they can disclose with a clear conscience that they got the lead out (so to speak). It will save the seller/landlord big headaches (and lawsuits) down the road.

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