More Cheverly Ave Lane Closure Info

(Updates on parking restrictions here.) From Laila Raizi, Ward 1 Councilmember, with much more useful information on the lane closure on Cheverly Avenue (along with adding the technical term “Pthump Pthump” to our Cheverly lexicon – a term I plan to use at least once today):

Cheverly Ave. Closure –

To share the town announcement – The Southbound lane of Cheverly Avenue will be closed beginning April 4th for construction.  Flagging will be utilized during the day to allow traffic to travel in both directions.  Alternate routes may be preferred to lessen delays.  The NO LEFT TURN restriction at the corner of Montrose and Lombard will be lifted during this construction period.

You may have already received a flyer from our Department of Public Works with some additional information.  Of particular concern to residents on Cheverly Ave. between 202 and Kilmer – neighbors on this stretch will not be able to park on the street overnight since work may need to extend into the evening with two-way traffic sharing the northbound lane.  If anyone has specific concerns related to moving their vehicles or other aspects of this process, please contact me and I will assist you in finding a solution.  Also, affected Cheverly Ave. homes – please do make sure that your neighbors know what you know.

Those of us on Belleview and surrounding streets will continue to receive extra detour/cut through traffic during these repairs.  All drivers, bikers and walkers, please be even more careful, courteous and patient than usual.  The weather is getting warmer (truly it is!) and foot and bicycle traffic will increase in the weeks ahead.

Some context may be useful as our patience is tried over these next few weeks. This repair work truly is a necessary inconvenience.  Following the WSSC work on Cheverly Ave., WSSC patched their cuts with asphalt; however, Cheverly Ave. has a several-inch thick concrete base beneath its asphalt layer.  Our Town Administrator, David Warrington, and Public Works Director, Juan Torres, worked with WSSC to ensure that WSSC would schedule to return and fully repair Cheverly Ave. to the standard that supports heavy bus and auto traffic.  This repair will protect against premature road failure, remove the annoying Pthump, Pthump and save the town from the expense of continually addressing an inferior patch.  Let’s hope it’s completed soon.

Cheverly Ave. Parking Details

  • Parking can be allowed if the front of the property and/or the driveway apron is not impacted and the vehicle is removed before construction begins in the morning. There are several driveways that will require repairs and several parts of Cheverly Avenue that are in front of a driveway or its apron; these residents might be inconvenienced.
  • Weekend work is not encouraged and it is not allowed unless it is an emergency. There being no work over the weekend, the concrete being set and access possible there is no reason whereby the resident cannot use the driveway. Understanding that it must be removed before construction begins on Monday morning.
  • Those individuals that need their car ought to park them elsewhere. They may need them at a time in which it might be impossible for them to drive out.

Belleview Ave. and Beyond Schedule

    • Belleview Avenue and Lockwood Road are being delayed until the work on Cheverly Avenue is finished. Belleview Avenue might need to be a “Detour Route.”
    • Within sixty days after the construction of Cheverly Avenue the reconstruction of the other streets ought to begin; weather permitting of course.
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