And The Award Goes To…


At our last office meeting, I had the pleasure of  receiving a lovely award for being the top agent in the office for 2010! It is a beautiful Lucite plaque –

Why am I sharing this wonderful news with you? Because, without you – you being the buyers and sellers I worked with in 2010 and those of you who referred buyers and sellers to me – putting your faith and trust in me last year…well, I wouldn’t be writing this post at all!

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  : )

© 2011 Susan Pruden.

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5 Responses to And The Award Goes To…

  1. And a well deserved award I might add as your Managing Broker. You represent that exceptional sales associate who continues to go the extra mile for your clients and the company, even in the most challenging times. Congrats again Susan!


  2. MDSuburbs says:

    A very nice Lucite trophy, indeed. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

    So, how many people did you help to get that? 3? 4? (just teasing)

  3. Robin says:

    Congratulations, Susan! We like you, we really like you! 🙂

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