March 3rd: Speaking on Cheverly History

A note from the Cheverly History Club:

Cheverly Historians,

On Thursday, March 3rd, Leila Price, President of the 4th Ward Civic Association will be speaking on the history of the old 4th Ward at Judith Hoyer Montessori School at 7PM.  The school is located at 2300 Belleview Avenue, near the 7-11.  Leila will be talking on the 4th Ward’s history, its role, and its contributions in making Cheverly what it is today, “A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE”!

My note: If you’re not familiar with old 4th Ward, it has a vibrant history. It’s where my husband grew up and the stories about his childhood remind of what a neighborhood should be – a safe place for children to be children. This community has produced its share of activists and leaders. I’m looking forward to this talk.

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