Will Driving to a Cheaper Gas Station Save Me Money

Very cool calculator from Bankrate.comThe Gas Price Calculator. You input the size of your gas tank, your city-miles-per-gallon, plus the cost-per-gallon and distance of the closest gas station and the same information for the cheap one that’s further away.

For me, the further away one is Costco on Route 1. The Costco by Wegmans is usually up to a nickel higher per gallon than the one on Route 1.

So far, today there is a definite savings of about $5 for me to drive to the Beltsville Costco. For future reference, the link to The Gas Price Calculator will be in the sidebar here.

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2 Responses to Will Driving to a Cheaper Gas Station Save Me Money

  1. I'm from the UK, but it usually isn't worth driving to a cheaper gas station if it's more than a few miles away, as the fuel you use to get there will outweigh what you save. Filling the tank full also makes the car heavy, which is then less economical and in turn uses fuel quicker. I read somewhere it's best to fill it about 3/4 full.

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