When You Are Upside Down and Need to Sell

Upside down and you have to sell. It’s a stressful place to be. There are lots of articles online – maybe too many – but what does it all mean? How does it happen? Who do you talk to? What information do you need to gather? It’s so overwhelming, especially when you take it all in at once.

So you call a real estate agent, but you’re still not sure what that means. A lot of real estate agents treat an upside-down listing the same as any other, and that’s a big mistake. If time is money, it’s even more money when it comes to a short sale.

So if I were your agent, here’s what I’d do. Break it down into bite-sized pieces, to start with. We’d go over all the steps, but then take them one at a time so they’re not so overwhelming.

One important thing to remember – you are in charge. As your agent, I’d guide you through the steps, but the decisions behind those steps are yours.  Short sales make most sellers feel helpless and out of control – but knowing the pros, cons and consequences of your options makes most short-sale sellers feel more comfortable with an uncomfortable process.

Ask me for my short, easy-to-read e-book “Understanding Short Sales – The Essential Guide for Home Owners” – I promise not to call or otherwise bug you unless you ask me to follow up.

But don’t wait too long – time is money, after all.

© 2011 Susan Pruden

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