Words Have Consequences

Update 2/9/11: Article in SoMDNews.com about proposed ban.

The Washington Post has an article today about Governor O’Malley’s desire to ban all new septic system installations.

I understand his reasoning – I worry about the fate of the Chesapeake Bay and bemoan the damage we’ve done over the decades.

But from a real estate standpoint, just speaking those words likely made property values in those areas plummet. It shuts down any new construction in areas without sewer systems. Imagine that you were thinking about purchasing 5 acres or so of land…the value seems comparable to other similar properties and you’re about to put in an offer. Your dream house dances through your imagination.

Then BAM – the governor says he wants to ban all new septic systems. That means suddenly not only does this land have way less value than it had the day before, you can’t build your house even if the land was given to you for free. At the very least, it puts all offers and contracts on hold while buyers wait for a decision to be made by our legislature.

Imagine you just went to settlement on a piece of land. You might have your plans drawn up, but you haven’t applied for any permits. Now what? Your piece of land may end up being useless for building purposes.

Words have consequences. Just sayin’.

© 2011 Susan Pruden

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