Ethics Wanted

There are lots of reasons why agents affiliate themselves with a given broker. For many new agents, it’s the training that is offered – some brokerages offer lots of training and others expect you to figure it out as you go. For other agents, it’s all about the money – a higher commission split or lower office fees, or some combination of the two. Most of the time, it’s money.

I chose my first brokerage because my friends worked there, which meant a lot of moral support. The second one had a terrific training program and it also meant that my mother and I worked for the same company, just different offices, which was lots of fun.  Both companies were okay, but I always felt that the almighty dollar trumped everything else.

In 1999, after being licensed for 5 years, I started looking for something a little different than just good commission splits. I went in search of a broker for whom ethics were more important than making a buck. I looked for someone who would rather walk away from business than do the wrong thing.

After searching for several months, I hung my license at CENTURY 21 Home Center and have never looked back. My brokers, Gene Sementilli and Boyd Campbell, have a way of reducing any problem to what’s right and what’s wrong and clearing away all the extraneous stuff.

So, as recently as yesterday, other brokers have tried to recruit me away from Home Center and I always tell them not to waste their time – I’m not going anywhere.

(c) 2011 Susan Pruden

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5 Responses to Ethics Wanted

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Very nicely written Susan, glad you have found a good match. It makes the business that can be very stressful easier to do.

  2. Working for a Broker who has high ethical standards is one thing (and a good thing). Dealing with agents that have, let’s say, flexible ethical standards who work for other Brokers is another.

    It’s encouraging to know that Century 21 Home Center plays by the rules. I only wish other Brokers and the thousands of other individual agents also played by the rules.

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