Why do I love Cheverly? Read on…

We’ve had quite a conversation in the past 24 hours here in town about our local grocery store closing – what might come in its place, what it means to the residents here, etc.

So, in typical fashion, our neighbor Rachel puts her thinking-cap on. I am in awe of people who not only think of a solution, but actually put it into words and do what can be done to implement it!

…said her Mother has a hard time getting around outside of Cheverly to grocery shop and it got me thinking.  We could organize a friends of seniors program where we take an older person along with us to Wegman’s or another grocery store. I’d be willing to coordinate my efforts and pick up a person when I head out to do my shop. They could ride along with me and we do our separate thing in the store then, ride back together.  It’s just a thought. If anyone is in need ot such a thing or interested in offering to drive an older person, email me. Maybe we can figure out a way to make it work.


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