Don’t Let the Cat Out

A recent client of mine was worried that her cat would get out when the house was being shown. It’s a legitimate worry, but one that we deal with by putting a comment in the showing instructions — “Don’t let the cat out” —  and I’ve never had a problem.

But it did remind me of a story from many years ago.  A group of us agents were touring our company’s new listings. One of them had the “don’t let the cats out” comment, so we were all very careful to shut doors behind us.

One of the agents came running in and said, “The cat got out! I saw it outside!”.  So of course, Susan-the-cat-lover comes to the rescue and spends about 20 minutes chasing the cat around the yard, with all the agents watching and shouting advice. I finally caught the blasted animal, and carried it inside…

…to find the cat that “got out” was sitting on the couch all along, I swear looking very amused.

I had caught the neighbor’s cat!

© 2007 Susan Pruden.

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