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I get lots of calls from charities asking for donations. I’m sure you do too, since they are exempt from the “Do Not Call” list. And some of them are really persistent and annoying. And since I can only give but so much, I have to say ‘no’ to many of them.

I’ve tried the “I’ve already made my charitable donations for the year” and the “my budget for giving to charity is already determined for the year” responses. They don’t care. I won’t tell you which charities I have a weakness for, because they may be listening.

I’ve found a new way to weed out the good from the bad. Now I go to the Charitable Choices website, based out of Gaithersburg, MD. There you’ll find a list of 300+ charities, all of which have met the Combined Federal Campaign’s 10 accountability standards, including low overhead. You can make an online donation to many of them.

This is from their website:
Our goal has also been to provide federal employees and many other people a simple way to learn about a broad variety of trustworthy charities. Every charity in our guides and on our website has met the federal charity drive’s 10 accountability standards, such as not having excessive fund-raising and administrative costs. We tell you exactly how much each charity spends on administration and fund raising.

Now I feel like I have really good criteria to base my donations on — and by the way, the donations don’t have to be money. They can be cars, clothes, computers and more. And while the list isn’t comprehensive, it sure is a good place to start.

I do see that the charities that call me the most aren’t on the list. Hmm…

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