When Technology Works

Yesterday 500 or so of my closest friends (and fellow REALTORS®) spent the day in Annapolis, protesting a proposed sales tax on selected services. But that’s not my story.

The story is about technology and how great it is when it works as advertised.

I have a Treo 650 cell phone and one of those little alien-looking thingys that I plant in my ear. (Question — why does it light up? It’s not like I can see the lights when I’m wearing it!)

Anyway, I was in Annapolis and at this rally all day yesterday, from 8:30am to around 7:30pm. During that time — in between shouting “No Service Tax” at legislators, taking pictures of the events, then sitting in the hearing room to listen to the testimony — I scheduled a carpet installation at one of my listings, talked to an agent about a possible offer on a listing, checked email, reviewed a faxed 35-page contract, negotiated a counter-offer, checked on the status of a settlement and had several text-message conversations about various transactions that I’m working on at the moment.

All using my cell phone. Prior to having my Treo, I’d have needed to find a computer somewhere to check my email. I probably couldn’t have dealt with the contract and counter-offer until I got home last night – or I’d have had to do it verbally and follow up with written documentation. Since I have a fax-to-email service, I’m able to have faxes come right into my email, where I can review them directly on my cell phone.

I’ve had all this tech stuff and the where-with-all to do all this for quite a while. But yesterday was like the perfect storm and I never missed a beat.

Thanks to all those tech guys who come up with this stuff.  It is just too cool. I love technology for the great tool it is. Except when it doesn’t work. But yesterday, it did work exactly as it is supposed to.

© 2007 Susan Pruden

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