Computing Disasters, Part 2

I just thought I’d give you an update (see previous post) on recovering all my computing data.

I’m not doing so well with backing up twice a day. It’s more like twice in one day, then maybe again two days later. However, I am backing up several times a week. The problem is that I have a laptop which is not hooked up to the external hard drive unless I think about it.

I’ve found software that I really love for backing up. It’s called GRbackPro ($59) and it backs up each directory as a Zipped file. That means that if I’m looking for a file, I can go straight to the hard drive and looking in the zipped folder and extract the file I need. Without opening any additional programs. Windows XP (not upgrading to Vista anytime soon!) does this automatically from within Windows Explorer. The program is fast and pretty intuitive to use.

The other thing that I’ve learned is that I’m not missing most of the old data. I was going to pay big bucks to see how much data I could extract from my old hard drive, but so far it’s been an inconvenience more than a problem. I may still send it in for data recovery, but we’ll see.

I would also like to mention a product that has come highly recommended to me, though I haven’t bought it yet. Many of my friends swear by it. It’s called a Tech Organizer (A Disaster Recovery Document Locator) and puts all your essential computer data (warranty info, log-ins, registration numbers, etc.) at your fingertips. It’s available as an eBook and there is also a Palm version. (Sample chapter of eBook).

Anyway, I can see that it might have been handy when my hard drive crashed.

© 2007 Susan Pruden.

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