Selling Real Estate Is Risky Business!

Today is the first day of REALTOR® Safety Week. Most people don’t think of ours as a dangerous profession, but we put ourselves in harm’s way more often than we realize.  If you’re curious as to what kinds of safety issues we face, read this and this.

I remember an open house I was hosting back before the days of cell phones. The house was a model home, in the middle of houses that were still under construction, so there were no neighbors to hear me scream. Two very drunk men came in and one chased me (albeit in slow motion!) around the kitchen island until I convinced them to leave. Looking back, it was somewhat comical, but at the time I was pretty scared. That’s when I started having a second person with me when I could.

As a part of our REALTOR® Safety Week, one of our trade magazines posted a quiz. I scored 6 out of 8, which surprised me because I think I’m pretty savvy about this stuff. How well would you do?

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