Translating Real-Estate-Speak

Many of you are on one mailing list or another and get listings with lots of cryptic initials like DOMM and DOMP.

DOMM and DOMP are acronyms for Days On Market.
DOMM stands for Days On Market – MLS#
DOMP stands for Days On Market – Property

If you’re confused over the difference between DOMM and DOMP, you’re not alone.

DOMM indicates the number of days a specific listing (with a specific MLS#) has been on the market. This will be tracked by the MLS#.

DOMP indicates the number of number of days a specific property has been on the market. An internal key assigned by the database tracks this.

How are Days on Market calculated?
Days on Market will calculate as long as a listing is active. If a listing is taken off the market because a status of withdrawn, expired or tempoff has been assigned, then DOM count will pause at that point. DOM count will resume when the listing returns to an active status.

During the time a listing is off the market, DOM will not increase – these days off the market will not ever be included in a DOMM or a DOMP count.

Should a property be re-listed after having been removed from the market, the new MLS# will cause a new DOMM count to begin (DOMM resets to zero with the assignment of the new MLS#). DOMP will continue to increment starting with the last DOMP count – the days off the market will not be added to this updated DOMP count.

Should a property be off the market for more than 180 days, then the DOMP count will also reset to zero if that property is subsequently re-listed.

A status of sold or rented causes all DOM calculations to stop.

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