Pet Peeves Post

This is another PPP – Pet Peeves Posting. I’m smiling while I write it, so it’s okay, but it is SO annoying when I come across the following:

1) If you’re a listing agent and you put “Call Office” in the showing instructions, TURN THE LISTING IN TO THE OFFICE! It’s aggravating to call a real estate office for a property that ‘s been on the market for longer than a day and hear that they have no record of the listing.

2) If you’re a listing agent and the showing instructions say “Lockbox Front Door”, please put a lockbox on and preferably somewhere near the front door. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to show a listing and can’t find the lockbox anywhere. Call the agent and get “Oh, I haven’t gotten out there to put the lockbox on yet”.

3) If you’re a buyer’s agent, please follow the instructions on the listing sheet. Don’t try to circumvent them. Even if you’re my friend, I’d prefer you follow the instructions on the listing sheet.

Okay, that’s it. Not bad if that’s all I can come up with!

© 2006 Susan Pruden.

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