Listing Agent’s Lament

I’ve been listing real estate for around 12 years. Whenever I hear myself saying “now I’ve seen it all”, I have to remember that someone or something always tops the last one. The last two weeks have been a real trip. I can’t remember another time when I’ve had so many daft and ditzy agents call me regarding my listings.

I had one agent from Virginia — who admits she is not licensed in Maryland — call me and ask to show one of my listings. When I told her she couldn’t show the listing since she isn’t licensed here (duh), she took her client “just to drive past”, walked around the property, saw an open door and went ahead and took her client inside. Told me it was “okay since she left a card”. I had a very interesting conversation with her office manager, who informed me that this particular agent has been licensed in Virginia “forever”.

Just had an agent make an appointment to show another of my listings. She said she would probably be running late and would the sellers let the buyers in without her. I said absolutely not — she must accompany her clients. She told her buyers to try anyway. Needless to say, the agent never showed up at all. I don’t think she ever intended to.

Another agent called me on Monday to register an offer, said he’d fax it to me that evening. He finally sent it yesterday afternoon (4 days later and no phone call to let me know it was on its way) and was very disappointed to learn that his is now not the only offer. Acted like it was somehow my fault that his buyers’ offer now has competition.

What a market!

© 2006 Susan Pruden.

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