A Terrific Town

There are a lot of small things that make a town “home”. For me, living here in Cheverly, I appreciate lots of small things. Twice a week trash pickup. Once a week “big trash” pickup. A quick visit to the town offices and a small check later — I have easily gotten rid of old appliances. Mulch delivered to my driveway. Town officials and employees who are easy to get ahold of — and easy to talk to.

I’m amazed at how often residents of other jurisdictions are impressed at the range of services provided by the Town of Cheverly. When my mom lived in Rockville, she had once-a-week trash pickup and had to call the county to arrange for anything larger to be picked up — with no guarantee as to when.

When you’re deciding on a place to live, these things are often far down on the scale of what seems important. But once you settle in, good services make a big difference.

Thanks, Cheverly.

© 2006 Susan Pruden.

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