Showing Houses, Part 2

I wrote about making appointments for showing properties a couple of weeks ago and promised a follow-up.

Well, for one thing, all the appointments went smoothly, except for all the phone calls.

All together, it took 15 phone calls to make 7 appointments and one of those appointments wasn’t confirmed until shortly before we arrived at the front door.

That being said, every lockbox was where it should be, all of the keys worked, and no big dogs jumped out at us.

The funniest part was that all of our appointments took place during Cheverly’s “Truck Touch” and everytime all the horns and sirens sounded, we all got the giggles.

Most of the houses seemed over-priced to my clients, but not by a lot. One house had tenants who were not overly welcoming and wouldn’t let us see the whole house, but that’s not unusual with tenants.

So. No unbelievable stories to tell on this one. Maybe next time.

© 2006 Susan Pruden.

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