House For Sale? But Where Is It?

Our listing service (MRIS) has recently banned the phrase “See MapQuest” in the directions field. What’s really sad about this is that agents actually put “See MapQuest” where directions to the property should be. You’d think that a field called “Directions” should make it easier to find the house, wouldn’t you?

Aside from the larger issue, that MRIS is the most powerful advertising vehicle we have, I have to wonder what the listing agents are thinking of when they puts anything less than detailed directions to the property.

While I’m driving from house to house, with buyers in the car, the last thing I want are directions that say “See MapQuest.”  I want to see “from this main road, turn right, then turn left at that corner.” There is no way any of us can be intimately familiar with every turn in every neighborhood. We need directions that are clear and make sense.

I have to say that when I see “See MapQuest” in the directions, my first impression is that the agent is lazy and I don’t look forward to working with him.

When I list a property, I want agents to find the house easily!

Curb appeal is the seller’s way of setting a positive first impression. What I enter into MRIS is my curb appeal. It’s the first place to set the impression that I am thorough and efficient and the first place to effectively advertise the property to my biggest target audience – REALTORS®.

Isn’t that my job?

© 2006 Susan Pruden.

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