"Cockroach House" and more…

I showed a house today. It was completely empty – no belongings, no furniture, not even any trash. So imagine our surprise when we opened the linen closet and there were 10 sticks of Mitchum solid deodorant sitting all together on a shelf. I mean, who would leave 10 sticks of deodorant in a closet? Kind of a mystery,huh?

I’ve seen lots of weird things when showing houses. There was the really smelly house with the really really obese naked guy on the bed upstairs. We were pretty embarrassed, but he never moved. Even after we hollered through the door. We finally decided he was dead. (I said the house smelled bad – very bad.) So we called the rescue squad. Turned out he wasn’t dead, just really mad at us for disturbing his sleep.

The absolute grossest house was one a buyer and I had already seen during the day.It was a filthy dump, but was priced dirt cheap. We went back in after dark and found there were no lights. We turned on our flashlights and the floor looked like it was moving. It was absolutely seething with cockroaches. We ran outside and started jumping up and down to make sure there were none on our shoes or pants legs. Yuck! I’m sure the neighbors thought we were nuts.

Buyers often name houses to keep them straight in their minds. Of course, these three houses are now the “deodorant house”, “dead naked guy house” and “cockroach house”.

What houses do you remember (and not in a good way) from your home search?

(c) 2006 Susan Pruden

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