Buyer's Lament – "We want MORE!"

One of my clients and a long-time friend made some observations on our first day of house-hunting. He had asked that I send him printouts of homes that fit his criteria and he wanted to spend a weekend driving neighborhoods before we actually scheduled any showings. His comments:

Boy, real estate agents really don’t realize how badly we want to see brochures on the For Sale sign. Even when a house looks like it might not be what we want, we’ll still stop and get a brochure. On a couple, the brochure made us want to see the inside when the outside didn’t really appeal to us.

The more photos the better. On the brochure, on the web, everywhere. Why do real estate agents allow the MLS printout to go without photos? (I told him that our MLS photographers run about a week to two weeks behind, but that agents can upload their own photos when they enter the listing. His answer, then why wouldn’t all agents upload their own photos of the property?)

Take the fluff out of the comments in the MLS printouts — give details and lots of them. Don’t agents realize that buyers eagerly read those comments? The misspellings and poorly worded remarks have led me to believe that agents have little interest in marketing the property. And the number of incorrect directions give me the impression that listing agents must have trouble finding their own listings.

Last, he commented on the differences in handouts and brochures inside the listings. I can attest to the fact that his eyes lit up when there was a nicely bound brochure with lots of information on the table. If the house didn’t interest him, he would carefully put the bound brochures back for the next buyer to take. If it did suit him, he read every word.

(c) 2006 Susan Pruden

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