How to Deal with the Not-So-Perfect Neighbor

Sometimes we have not-so-perfect neighbors. Or circumstances put otherwise friendly neighbors at odds.

It could be a barking dog. Or a blocked view. Or an offending tree. Without spending a lot of money to remedy a small but irritating problem, what’s a person to do?

There is a terrifc book put out by Nolo Press called Neighbor Law. It not only explains the laws as they pertain to things that annoy neighbors, but it explains how to research local laws, how to approach the neighbor, and other ways to resolve disputes, including small claims court.

Nolo Press offers the book through their website and it’s also available through You can also purchase the book as an ebook through Nolo Press. It’s a fascinating read, with lots of examples and interesting stories. The main goals of the book seem to be 1) resolve the problem and 2) maintain a good relationship with your neighbor, if possible.

So next time you’re ready to put your foot through your neighbors front door because of their loud music, take a deep breath and read this book.

(C) 2006 Susan Pruden.

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